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About Us
       About Us of 35Marketing Co.,Ltd.  

         Since 1985 BC Since Thailand has a high economic growth. Make investments. Both from within the country. And abroad. The Office. Industrial and up. From the need to use office equipment. Were more closely. However, because during that time. Although a different company. Sold devices based on any lot. But there is a problem that. Majority. But will people. The marketing and sales. But part of the service after the sale. Nobody should focus as some will even have some support. But it is as other services. Are not specialized because of that. Not selling one. The particular. However, the total sales. In the office. Enabling service technicians available. Can not provide effective services.

         The problem with those who need office above. We the people working on technical services. After sales since the year 1979, it realized that the problem occurs. And together founded the company 35 Marketing Ltd. in the year 1987 came with a purpose. This policy is intended to do business in the following.

         We will consider after-sales service. Head over to do everything. Only to sell product only. Then leave it. After-sales service. Gradually solve some later.

         But we will sell products. Quality through monitoring and quality. Only been good.

         But we will sell products. We have expertise. The only good product.

         We will do business with morality.

The company's motto. "Products must be good. And service quality must be ".

About Us

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